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Dr. Chinelo Madubom, MD

Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Introducing Dr. Madubom

Dr. Chinelo Madubom is Board Certified in Internal Medicine. She completed her residency at the Brooklyn Hospital Center, an affiliate of Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, NY. She has practical medical experience involving diverse diseases but also with treating people from different cultural backgrounds in New York and currently within the Greater Houston Metro Area. She practices evidence-based medicine and is a big proponent of preventive care. She fosters and nurtures a strong patient-doctor relationship and encourages her patients to pursue a healthier lifestyle and a proactive approach to their personal health and wellbeing. Dr. Madubom is a naturally warm and friendly individual, and therefore patients are easily drawn to her calm persona. She takes the time to listen to each of her patients and then works out an individualized plan to cater to their specific needs. She loves to volunteer at St Vincent de Paul Society in Katy as well as in the community at large. In her spare time, she enjoys taking long scenic walks to enjoy nature and loves to spend time with her loved ones.